We as a nation have become so polarized due to the current political climate. We are split on Climate change, Healthcare, criminal justice and so on and so on. The only time we get to talk to each other seems to be either at a rally or protest. Lets not kid ourselves. At those events "WE the People," all aren't always at our best. 

I think when we get away from the tribes and have some one on one conversations with each other. We can start to understand each other. It's not a challenge to change minds, Just a challenge Listen. A real opportunity to step on of our Media Bubbles.

How do you as a person break the ice. Well, Bravery is one way, But here at New Liberty we are offer you a way to connect to others at you local coffee shop, Train platform or small talk at general store. 

Lol, A Sign. A sign you wear that says i'm open to talk about it. We need to talk this out. We all have to step out of the bubble. 

Stop being told what's going on and get involved in the conversation. 

Start here. Walk into...